MSI Graphics Card will NOT run with my PC

I have an HP Pavillion a1514n running windows XP 2005. I bought a power supply and graphics card so I could play Skyrim and Fallout.


graphics card -

i installed the PSU first, and it runs great. its a 750 watt. but when I installed the graphics card, i turn the computer on and it comes to the first screen (blue screen that says HP [invent] and at the bottom it gives the SETUP, BOOT MENU, options) and it gets frozen there.

the keyboard wont work, the mouse wont work and its stuck on that screen. ive been stuck with this problem for 4 days.

Please and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any and all help.
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  1. Can you test out the card on a different PC? It might be that the card is damaged.
  2. no i dont have another computer to check it with. the card's brand new, didnt buy it used or anything
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