FPS Issues-CPU Bottlenecking?

Hello,I bought a new card since the old ones fan broke off and there is one problem I noticed about the new one.I bought Nvidia GT610 1gb(Low-end card) and I decided to play some games that i played before with my old GPU(ATI HD4350 512mb) and I noticed that FPS is kind of lower even if new card is more powerful, FPS just stays at around 15-20 and it doesn't matter if I crank up the graphics to maximum it will still stay like that.So is my CPU really bottlenecking my GPU?Are there any benchmarks I could run to test stuff out?
The thing bothering me is how my old weaker GPU could achieve 30-50fps on low settings on MW3(Happens in other games too) but my new stronger GPU has FPS on low 15-25FPS and on max 15-20 FPS.
Is there a chance something is screwed up?Drivers?Configurations?

My gpu on max graphics has usage of 50-75%.
While my CPU has usage of 90-100%

PC(total crap)

AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2.65GHz
GT610 1gb
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  1. I'm 100% sure that the GT610 is much slower than your Radeon 4350......

    Get a better video card..
  2. I dont think that ati hd4350 is more powerful then gt610


    GPU Engine Specs:
    48CUDA Cores
    810Base Clock
    1620Boost Clock
    6.5Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)
    Memory Specs:
    1.8 GbpsMemory Clock
    1024MBStandard Memory Config
    DDR3Memory Interface
    64-bitMemory Interface Width
    14.4Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

    Chipset Radeon HD 4350
    Core Clock 650 MHz
    Shader Clock N/A
    Memory Clock 800 MHz
    Process Technology 55 nm
    Memory Size 512 MB
    Memory Bus 64 bit
    Card Bus PCI-E 2.0
    Memory Type GDDR2
  3. your cpu might be bottlenecking you gpu BUT that card is still slow.

    if you will really get into gaming, if it was me i'll retire that rig and get a new one, including a better gpu
  4. You need a better cpu even if that card is slow that cpu has seen it's day come and go already. And trust me you'll notice a huge difference in everything you do just like I did when I upgraded from my amd (which I think was also a 3800 it's been a long time lol)

    Wither you upgrade with with amd/intel is your choice, but I would not worry about getting another video card until I did.
  5. You may have a driver conflict if you did not clean out the AMD drivers first. But that is a terrible system
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