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i am getting messages from windows that are saying shutdown time is delayed because of "firefox" which I had uninstalled at least 2 weeks ago...firefox does not show up in add remove programs..what can i do to resolve this issue ? please help

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Thanx : )
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  1. firefox has a tendency to linger around if it isn't closed down cleanly. Either forcibly restart your computer or kill the process
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    Download the free trial version of Revo Pro. ( One installed you will see and option for forced uninstall. Type in Firefox as the programs name and it will find any left over files. Alos you can reinstall Firefox and then do an uninstall and select advanced scan. Look at each registry entry it finds and let it delete those you see to be tied to firefox. Firefox is usually very good about uninstalling itself.
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  4. thanks for your help...revouninstaller found the leftover bits of firefox,,,right on! thanks again
  5. Grtz. I use Revo whenever I uninstall. The free version works great.
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