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Hello, I have a Gigabyte 6790 HD Factory OC'd graphics card and am wanting to buy another (cheap) non Factory OC and Xfire them together. Is it possible while maintaining the factory OC on the first one or do I need to under clock to match the specs of the second one I am buying? Both will have 1gb DDR5.
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  1. I believe they revert back to stock clocks if they come factory OC'd or not. Then you can just OC them yourself though.
  2. So it wouldn't make a difference if they one was Factory OC and the other wasn't?
  3. Someone please help.
  4. It will not make a difference whether they are factory clocked or not you can level them out at stock settings if you desired with a tool like msi afterburner. If both have the same amount of ram, as well as the same chip you will be able to pair them together just for stability I would level them out at stock. Unless you feel comfortable overclocking the stock card to the factory overclocked point.
  5. 3 thoughts:

    1) You're wasting your time and your money crossfiring a low end card like the 6790 and you should be spending your money on a decent single GPU upgrade instead - you'll save yourself some massive headaches.

    That said...
    2) Technically, it should work to put a factory OC'd card in CF with a stock card. Worst case scenario, they both run at stock frequencies.

    3) If the cards each have a different BIOS, you can run into some weirdness, especially if you're overclocking - sometimes software like Afterburner/GPU-z/etc will get confused if both cards are running a really different BIOS.
  6. Well that is true a different BIOS in a card can offset things.

    Also its hard to judge things based on not knowing how much he is spending on the card he could be purchasing it used heaven forbid but he could be. I do agree though its not a good value for him to get a 6970.
  7. Unless he's picking up a second card almost for free, it's not worth it... low end crossfire setups from the 6xxx series are notorious for really bad microstutter - or at least, they used to be - and CF often doesn't scale as well on low end cards - remember, we're talking about the 6790 and not the 6970.

    IMO the better option would be to sell the 6790 and pick up a 650ti or 7850.
  8. Ah fair enough yea I haven't been able to sleep you are right it is the 6790. If the lower end crossfire configurations of that generation were micro stutters on ice then yea I would see your point. It seems like it would be more worth his time just to get a single decent card within his budget or possibly slight above.
  9. my budget is like $70 so thatswhy i wanted to xfire but it wouldnt work efficiently ?
  10. You can always try it... just don't expect it to set your gaming world on fire, so to speak.

    I'd recommend doubling your budget by selling your 6970 and seeing if you can scrape together enough to get something like this:
  11. tbh, its pretty decent now i just figured doubling would be okay?
  12. Like I said you can always try it. I wouldn't, but I'm not you ;)

    It should certainly work - again, barring any weird BIOS issues (which I'd only expect if you're overclocking).
  13. Well and that is why I suggested if you were to mix that you bring both cards to stock levels to avoid the problems but again you brought up a good point with the cards bios.
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