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Asus Matrix HD7970 Platinum Graphics Card power test

Hello People
I am building my first high end computer and I just purchased the Asus Matrix HD7970 Platinum Graphics Card.
I got it at a very good price but it is an open box item. It looks like it is brand spanking NEW with all accessories and CD.
What I would like to know is (and this is probability a really DUMB question!?) can I check the card just to see if it is in working
with out having to install it in the motherboard! Like I said I just want to see if it powers on that's all. I have the mobo the PSU
the CPU and the RAM. But I still need the SSDs the optical drive the water cooling system etc. And it's going to take a while before I can acquire these other items. So I don't want to put half of the damn thing together and just have it sit there for some

Any input would be VERY much appreciated.

Thanks Ever So

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  1. Wait so you you want to see if the Graphics card going to work without it connected into the motherboard? i think you wont be able to accomplish such thing.. Graphics card needs to be installed into the motherboard for it to be working.. if im not correct please correct me.
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    You can't see whether it's working or not if it's not installed in a motherboard with the rest of the necessary components
  3. Thanks guys
    Like I said it was a dumb question but I thought there might be some way to check the card on it's own. Thanks for your time! I will be putting the build together as far as I can go with what I have to check that every thing is in working order.
    thanks again for your time! PEACE!!
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