Went from Radeon to Nvidia Graphics card.

I currently had a Radeon 7470 and i went with the Nvidia GTX 660 Ti i bought a new power supply that is 600 watts hooked that up and pluged in the graphics card and all i got was no signal. Could this be to me still having the Radeon drivers installed or something else anyone got any thoughts to helping me on this matter?
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  1. I forgot to put
    Asus Desktop Pc CM1745 Series

    Amd A8-5500 APU 3.2 GHZ

    8 GB of Ram

    64 Bit windows 8

    600Watt PSU
  2. You have everything plugged in? Both PCIe plugs into the card, and all the motherboard power plugs as well?
  3. Ya i got the 24 pin the 4 pin one i believe thats the processor and the harddrive all fans work etc.
  4. And the plugs for the card? How many PCIe power plugs do you have?
  5. There are 2 of them 6 slots each for the card
  6. Does it have anything to do with the previous drivers that are on the computer?
  7. 2 of them 6 slots each for the card? Assuming you mean PCIe power plugs. I would have said try other power plugs if you can.

    Shouldn't be drivers. You should get something if all was working well. Even the bios splash screen should come up. You said you had nothing. I'm still going with something isn't plugged in all the way or at all.
  8. Ya i mean the PCIe ones well what i did was plug in the old card i had with the new power supply to see if i missed anything and i got the splash screen i shut it down and booted it back up and it went fine. i tried re plugging in the PCie plugs a few times and rebooting and still no progress.
  9. Try the card in a different computer if you can. Perhaps the new card is doa?
  10. Try uninstalling the old radeon driver first. Sometimes it happen.
  11. If it is the Nvidia driver colliding with Ati try and connect the RGB DVI or HDMI (whatever your using to display) into the back of your motherboard for the integrated graphics and try uninstall Ati drivers and download Nvidia ones and reboot your pc. Remember to leave the 660 inside the pc as when you are installing drivers it need to detect that it is there :)
  12. I think you might not have jointed the monitor to your cpu
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