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I'm running an Athlon XP system with a 400W power supply, 2 CD drives, 2 internal hard drives, and a 15" LCD monitor. Would a 500VA UPS decent enough for about 10 minutes if run time, or should I really get a 650VA version. The difference in size is quite significant, so I'd rather get the 500 if I can help it, but I want something that will do the job.
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  1. The manual should tell you what it can take and for how long. Just don't listen the sales people, they claim to use it for boosting battery dead cars during winter.

    p.s. your cd-rom, cdr-rw, dvd, floppy only use juice when running so don't count them in.

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  2. Go to an auction and get a used one. I got a 900VA for $5, removed the four 6v 10AH batteries and put in two 12v 12AH batteries, it powers my stuff for 45+ minutes and the batteries cost about $20 each with shipping!

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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