Will getting a cheap monitor ruin gaming for me?

I really am trying not to overextend my budget. I have a good graphics card I believe with a GTX 660 Ti 2gb and processor i3 3.3gh 3220, among other components and software and its totaling me around $1100 without the monitor.

Really didn't want to spend more than $100 to $130. Is this going to screw me?
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  1. it really depends on the refresh rates, higher refresh rate the faster particles more, or faster you shoot in fps games.. other important you wanna look at is Response Time, its must have if your a gamer. and contrast ratio is important for gaming also, not really sure. well if i were you id get this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001572
  2. Depends on the monitor you looking at getting. I'm guessing if you have a $130 budget for the monitor your looking at a 21.5" 1680x1050 monitor?

    I really recommend upping the budget and getting a decent 1080p monitor. That screen will last longer than the computer powering it, spending more now will will be cheaper in the long run, as eventually you will want a full HD monitor.
    Even if you have to down-grade the GPU to a 660/7870 I advise doing it. As I said, the monitor will last longer than anything else.
  3. I hadn't seen that one. Seems like nice on for the money. Not a huge fan of fps. More into rts like C&C and Starcraft 2 and some rps like Mass effect.
  4. Ye you totaly need Response Time and refresh rate for those types of games, try upping the budget of your monitor just a little.. my best suggestion is getting these monitor, right now its 180$ with a promo code which well expire 10th so hurry up, you'll never regret your buy..
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