Getting a Third Monitor to Display

Hi all,

Hit a wall with trying to get my triple monitor setup up and running. A few weeks ago I posted asking for advice in the topic:

And was quite happy with the info I got. I ordered the decided upon video card and PSU and installed them when they came. Everything is working great except that I can't the three monitors to run at the same time. They all show up in windows and I can run any combination of two, but no three at the same time.

I'm suspecting it's the displayport adaptor as that seems to be the most often cited fix in my situation, but it'd be nice if I could a second opinion on that before I run out and try a different one.

Is there anything else I should try?

My system is composed of:

Intel Core i5 750;
8 GB DDR3 memory
CORSAIR Builder Series CX600 600W
MSI Radeon HD 7750 2GB

The adaptor I'm using is this one:

Thanks so much.
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  1. Whats your monitor? For example you GPU has Eyefinity Support that means you can connect 3 monitors to the Graphics.. I need to know what kind of monitor you have..
  2. Your display port adapter is the problem, its only a passive model

    For triple display you MUST use an ACTIVE display port adapter.
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