Computer freezing, static from speakers

So it all started on February 28, I got on my computer sometime after midnight I was gonna upload some music from my iTunes into my iPod. So I hooked it up, and it synced to it, but when I went to disconnect it [Told me it was safe to disconnect] it started to Sync again but I had already unplugged it, nothing happened with iTunes but my iPod messed up and while all the music was their, the album cover art was not. So I looked it up and found that if I tell iTunes to NOT Sync music then hit Sync it'll remove all the music from my iPod then I can just re-sync it. Well I told it to not put Music on, hit sync, it did its deal then suddenly went to Blue Screen, did a Physical memory dump and I reset the computer, synced again and it was fine, turned it off a couple hours later. Today I get on and I'm online for..oh little over an hour. I'm playing a MMO [The Old Republic] but its minimized and I'm watching a YouTube video, also on YIM. Suddenly my computer freezes and the tower starts making a sustained..beep I guess, with an error code on the MOBO but I couldnt find the code in my MOBO book. Only thing I can do is reset the comp, so I did. Booted back up, nothing out of the ordinary except it asked if I wanted to boot to safe mode due to a sudden shutdown. I was on for..oh 20 minutes and was watching YouTube and on YIM. Once again the computer froze with static from the speakers. But no error code this time. I reset again and do a System Recovery. I notice on 2/28/2013 Windows Update did a "Critical Update" for the Windows 7 Platform which I have. So I thought that might be it so I recovered to..I think 5 days before when it did a Java Update. It did its thing, booted up and I was on for a good 5-6 hours. PLaying my MMO, going online, talking on YIM, gaming etc but no YouTube [Thinking it was that]. So I get off my games and I'm just on Yahoo and listening to iTunes when their is a burst of static from my speakers and not only does my computer freeze but I notice my mouse and keyboard have turned "off". Not sustained static this time just a quick 1 second burst. So I reset yet again. This time when I boot up it gets stuck at "Starting WIndows" no 4 color orbs etc. So I reset it and it gets stuck at Starting Windows again. I run Startup Repair with my boot disk and it detects no problems and I boot up fine in Safe Mode, I restart from Safe Mode and it boots up normal..but now I'm worried it'll freeze again. Any idea whats going on? THanks
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  1. Possibly your computer is overheating?
  2. Would it do this though? I've had a computer overheat before and it just shuts down for a while, this just up and freezes, lights are still blinking in the tower etc
  3. It is good to have a temperature checker anyways just to see even if it isn't the cause.

    As well make sure your drivers are up to date.

    If all of that fails updating bios is always an option.
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