Graphics card failure?!

I recently built a machine with a gtx 660 graphics card. However, after using the machine for extended periods of time, games crash. If you continue to stress the machine after that, it crashes the machine. SpeedFan says my GPU runs at about 30 degrees celsius whil idle, and 50 at max load. Is this enough to cause a crash, or did I not install the card correctly? Is there an obvious solution I am missing?
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  1. What i think is that you should sit the graphic card correctly, and install the latest drivers.. and do you know anything about overclocking? have you done overclocking to your graphics card?
  2. Or you need a good airflow in your case, try to make your case cool inside.. remember heat is the enemy.
  3. No, i have not tried overlocking yet, and my rig has a 750 watt Antec psu for upgrades in the future.
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