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Hello, I am planning on getting a new graphics card. Migrating from an integrated HD 4200, pretty much anything I buy would be better than what I currently have. I have meticulously searched for a graphics card for under $100, and lo and behold, a GTX 650 for $89.99 after rebate, and it's factory overclocked! I know it's not the greatest at gaming, but hey, remember what I'm coming from, and the only games I play are RTS, Racing, and Minetest (its like Minecraft). I heard that at the stock price of $110 it was overpriced, but for an overclocked version for less than $100....... What do ya'll think? Any other reccomendation for under $100? Or is this the best deal available? Thanks. :)

500w psu
12GB of ram
Phenom ll x2 @3.5GHz
1600x900 20" monitor (occasional gaming on a 720p 32" TV)
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  1. Get hd 7750 instead of gtx 650.hd 7750 doesnot need 6pin connector and very low power consumption.
  2. I really like the graphic card. but hey if you want to look at some other under 100$ budget Graphics card, heres a good one

    it runs everything my little brother plays, blackops1/2 battlefield 3 minecraft World of warcraft.. on high settings
  3. Ehh, thanks, but this model outperforms the 7750, and I dont mind a little bit of extra power consumption, and @antonice22, thanks, but no thanks. Appreciate it anyways, but I think I will stick with what I was going to get, for now. Still open for other options. But thanks for the replies! :D
  4. I reccomend hd is 30% better performer than hd 6670 and at same price around 95 dollars.
  5. Hd 7750 performs better than gtx 650.
  6. Yes, I agree with ASHISH, the 7750 definitely outperforms the 6670, but this model of 650 outperforms the 7750.
  7. And, I like having the 6-pin power connector, as it translates to better overclocking capabilities ;)
  8. Oh sorry i was assuming its normal gtx 650.But its overclocked version so now gtx 650 oc edition > hd 7750.
  9. :) okay. Thanks! Still open for more options. Appreciate the discussion so far. And yes, the 7750 is a good budget card, I am lucky to have found an overclocked version of a 650 for less than $100.
  10. Yes its good can handle big games at high at upto 1400*900 res.
  11. Yeah, I think I will be happy with my purchase. Especially since RTS games aren't really graphically demanding like FPS, so I should be able to play at really high settings with good framerates. :)
  12. there's also a 900mhz variant of 7750 which requires a pcie connectopr and is faster than an overclocked 650 and can be overclocked further to 1ghz
  13. You can easily play at very high with 60+fps.
  14. 900MHz, this 650 is 1110MHz. ;) And I'm sure its over 100 dollars.
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