What Gtx 660 TI to get???

I'm planning to buy gtx 660 ti, but what gtx 660 ti should I buy???

I read something that says MSI 660TI Power Edition would be the one to buy?

I'm planning to overclock gta 660 ti, and this would be my first time to overclock, so the easier to overclock the card would be nice.
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  1. You can get any gtx 660ti.That msi power edition would be good.
  2. I'd recommend the MSI GTX660ti Power Ed. Having used it for some time now i have to say im very happy with my purchase.
    It has good cooling, it's not to noisy, it's powerful, however some are against them due to the fact that MSI tripled the voltage on the card, but most people won't have any issues with this.
  3. @Jarlsuki, what are the effects of the gpu having a high voltage? Would it be harder to overclock it?
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