Could this cause FPS drop?

OKay, well I have an HD 5770, 4 gb of ram, and an i5 2400. Yes I know my gfx is outdated, but im having some low FPS in this game I play called Smite. It only uses direct x 9, but on high settings, im only getting like 30-40fps, which is very noticeably low. So I guess my question is, I tested my hard drive, and apparently its damaged, and has bad sectors, could this lower my FPS and cause studdering or anything like that? and could adding another 4gigs of ram, possibly help with FPS? I just dont think with my i5 2400, and the 5770 I should be have THAT much trouble running this directx 9 game. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Your cpu and gpu is what res your are playing.4gb ram is enough.
  2. I've tried all kinds of resolutions. 1280*768/900 all the way up to 1920*1080.. im just curious if having an old hard drive could cause FPS drops.. Its a SATA 1.5g/s 8mb cache 7200rpm 160gb HD.(Not very big I know), ive had it for a while.. and Seagate tools tells me the tests fail, and that I have bad sectors
  3. Bad sector can be problem litle to games.i would reccomend play that game and in between open task manager and under process tab see which process are using more memory and cpu usage and post here.
  4. It's quite possible that it could effect games sure the bad sectors on your hard drive mainly because it will also effect your windows experience which in turn will spill over into your gaming experience. How did you come across you having bad sectors on your HDD and have you backed up your files.
  5. have you installed latest drivers? it is important
  6. I just formated my computer, have latest drivers ATI site has.. ill keep an eye out and see how everything goes
  7. its highly unlikely that bad hdd sectors will decrease your framerate. nevertheless, the first thing you should do is backing up your data and buy a new one. this hdd is prone to give you more trouble in the future.
  8. I wouldn't say its highly unlikely if there are sectors damaged and his game is being read from the hard disk its quite possible for his performance to suffer because of it. But yes if you haven't already backed up your info do so in the even't your computer takes a dive.
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