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i have the i3[540] procesor with the h55m-e21 motherboard,please give me best hd graphics card in $100 to $170 campatebal with my hardware

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  1. depends on what power supply you have, but something like a 7770 would fit into your price range. something like this


    if you want to spend a little more than your price range, then look at a 7850.
  2. Get hd 7770.
  3. Agreed I was going to suggest the 650 but the 7770 is a better priced card and offers superior performance.
    Also I agree with Das it truly depends on what you are using to power your card.
  4. 6870
  5. No I would disagree with a 6870 the 7770 is a better card at the moment.
  6. +1^
  7. what is your psu make and if its a cheapo then you should go for HD7750.
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