Rate my budget gaming build

hello ,
am new to this forum and i wanted you to check my build, so please rate my build on budget ,it costs about 600$ in my country :D

processor:CORE I3-3210
graphics:GIGABYTE 650GTX 1GB
ram:2x4 GB Corsair Dominator Ram DDR3 1600MHz
hd:WD 500GB BLUE
power:HUNTKEY 550W
case: commander MS-1 45
cd drive:LG DVD RW
monitor: lg 21.5"

1.is every thing compatible with each other, and will it fit in the case??
2.will it play modern game well?
3.what is the max resolution am i going to get?
thanks for your time :hello: :love:
the case dimension is HxWxD 426x202x484
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  1. I would find a better PSU. From everything I have read the Huntkey PSU's have a habit of exploding! Google that PSU and you will find a few sites that have reviewed them. Get a quality PSU from a well known maker and check out some reviews before you commit to buying.

    The Nvidia 650 is on the low end as far as GPU's I would get a 660ti if you can afford it as it would net better performance in gaming. Other than that I really am not that versed with intel as I have not been back with intel for very long. My 2013 build is the first intel rig I have build since the P3 many years ago.
  2. other than the huntkey, (get a Corsair Builder 430W. should be better than the Huntkey). the H61 *should* have an upgraded bios by now, but you'll probly pay not a lot more for a B75 or H77 motherboard with a few more features.

    the 650 is OK, if a bit on the low end of mainstream cards. it should be able to manage medium to medium-high settings on most games at 1920x1080
  3. oh i seem to misspelled the GPU it is "geforce GTX 650 ti" :S
  4. Where are you from exactly? And what currency will you be using?
  5. Get a 660 or 560ti
  6. i am from Jordan , and i will be using Jordanian Dinar
  7. i am from Jordan , and i will be using Jordanian Dinar
  8. The 650ti is in between a 7770 and 7850 so the performance will be pretty good. But I agree about the psu being scary.
  9. actually a 650 ti is comparable to a 7850. should do anything on high, and most older games at ultra
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