i have ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS motherboard and AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core processor (3.60 GHz)...but when i play games like battlefield bad company 2, the computer display starts lagging :( what could be the reason? is it because mine is 32 bit OS or graphics ? i have inbuilt 1.6Gb graphics ...pls help me out
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  1. Quote:
    AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core processor (3.60 GHz) . . .
    i have inbuilt 1.6Gb graphics

    Found yer problem . . .

    No dedicated video card, not for games. The very first step if you want to play games at reasonable quality and speed is to have a dedicated card designed for gaming.
  2. ^^^^ +1^^^^
  3. get a dedicated graphic card if you want to play games without lag.
    try lowering the resolution and quality to minimum...that might help a little.
  4. thanq
  5. is there anything such like 32 bit graphic card and 64 bit graphic card? if so.....which is best suitable for 32 bit system?
  6. Graphic card drivers come out for either platform. So its not something that would be more centered towards the actual hardware itself. However that being said graphic cards are more centered now around a 64 bit os as the limit of memory really limits what you can do with 32 bit.
  7. Please tell your budget and specs.
  8. i hav ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS and AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core processor (3.60Ghz) and i hav also inbuilt 1.6gb graphics,now i am thinking of having a dedicated graphics,which one would do better for me to play games like COD modern warfare n all....pls help me out....pls pls
  9. tell me youre toher specs

    how much RAM

    your POWER SUPLY

    and what is youre budget

    here take a look at this crd its an EVGA gtx 660

    you can play almost every game in highest settings with this card

    and every call of duty game in ULTRA HIGH SETINGS
  10. its 4Gb RAM.....
  11. Please tell your budget.
  12. mine is ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS motherboard,AMD FX(tm)-4100 quad core processor (3.60Ghz)...32 bit system,4Gb RAM,500Gb sata budget for graphics card is around 36.4 USD-54.6 USD
  13. around 36-54 USD...
  14. Are from india then tell in rupees
  15. yup...aronud 2k to 3k
  16. Please donot multipost.i have already answered in old thread
  17. then its EVGA gtx 660??
  18. Ok answer in this thread only.i would reccomend to raise your budget to rs 3900 and get hd 6570.
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    What could be the reason for lagging of computer while playing games?
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