If I turn off the monitors will the video card turn off the output

I want to build a new gaming computer with 3 monitors. But I also want to use it for normal web surfing and ocassional movies on my 47" HDTV.

I had thought about making different profiles for gaming and normal but don't think I can change the monitor setup in the user profile.

So I thought about using 2 video cards. One with 3 outputs for gaming and a lower end one for normal use with 2 outputs. But I don't want to be driving 5 monitors all the time so if the gaming monitors are off during web surfing and movie watching will that video card effectively turn off?

Most likely looking at AMD Radeon video cards if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. No your video card will not turn off.
  2. No you will still use its idle power.

    Why can you not web surf on your gaming monitors when your not gaming?
  3. I just thought it might reduce the life of the card if it is used all the time. This would be my first real high performane video card since my radeon hd 3850 AGP. Probably not a good analagy but seems silly to drive the high dollar Mazarotti to the grocery store when a lower dollar economy car would do the trick.

  4. The card will become useless before it dies. I run 3 monitors off my 670 all the time it just downclocks in 2d mod
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