Need to Know PSU Requirements of GTX 660 and GTX 660 ti

hey guys how much psu requirement and amperages gtx 660 and gtx 660 ti requires and does these both gpu require pci e 6 pin connectors?pls help me thanks in advance
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  1. Both card need 6pin will need minimum 500w good psu from brands like corsair,seasonic, not worry about amperage as good psu have enough amperage ratings.
  2. is this psu enough for those both cards?pls reply fast
  3. No donot get cm psus.they are not for other brands.
  4. and what about thermaltake litepower 600Watts Power supply is it good?pls reply fast
  5. Ya that is good or you can get corsair cx500w or corsair 600w as they are much better.
  6. Thats even worse.
  7. open this pre solved forum in tomshardware------>(gtx 660)

    open this forum in tomshardware------>(gtx 660 ti )
  8. thank you so much my friends
  9. ok so i will get cx500w or corsair 600w thank you so much for your opinions guys
  10. Always welcome.
  11. welcome. ..
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