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Graphic card hd 6670 or 6770 r 7750 or nivida gt 440

i want to ask which graphics card among hd 6670 or 6770 r 7750 or nivida gt 440 is good for my pc
i have Compaq cq3070il and my system specs are-
Hard disk-500gb
Processor-intel E7400 2.8ghz
PSU wattage-i dont know
Motherboard-MSI MS-7525 (BostonL)
so i want to know which graphics card is good for my pc i want to play games like gta 4,cod mw3,black ops 2,hitman absolution on good settings
max resolution-1366*768
my budget-$130 or 7000rs i live in india so please tell me the store price of all above graphics card or your suggested one.....and in that 130$ i have to buy i 2gb ram also:)
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  1. Overall hd 6770 slight better than hd 7750.but i reccomen get hd 7750 as it consumes less power and performs good.and also you need 2gb ram more
  2. Definitely go for a hd7750. I do not know if you need a low profile card or not. All you have to do is make sure you get a model that does not need a pci-e power connector. I have the HIS icooler hd 7750 and its performs fantastic for a 55watt gpu at 1080p and it pulls all its power from the pci-e slot.

    His low profile card takes 2 slots so if you need a single slot card sapphire makes one. Also make sure whatever you buy has GDDR5 mem not ddr3. :pt1cable:
  3. it would also be a good idea to find out what PSU you have, to see if you can power the card.
  4. I agree with Ash here. That the 7750 would fit for you a bit more due to power. However keep this in mind your power supply only has 180W of power which would put you in a bad position for any card. I don't feel comfortable now recommending any card for you given that information you can find it here in this link.

    Keep in mind as well that your ram is low for modern graphic cards and I'm unsure if you have windows 64 bit but you would need that to get beyond 4 gigabytes of ram if you really wanted to optimize your system for games at 8 GB
  5. Both the 6770 and the 7750 are great cards...but I would suggest you go for the 7750 since you don't know the wattage of your is better to go for the card that is the most efficient and still performs the best.
    for your ram you have to pull out the existing ram from your pc and take it to the store from where you intend to purchase...that would help in matching the speeds and ratings of the RAM so that you do not have any problems in is infact of utmost essence that you do it.

    for your purchaser I would suggest you check the prices on flipkart and than cross reference the price on a local prices in India are generally higher than the prices in local stores.

    good luck.

    you should also check out your power requirements on extremeoutervision psu calculator web site.
  6. Sid take a look at his PSU and you will be a bit more reserved about what you would suggest to him.
  7. He could purchase a builders power supply (Corsair CX) if he was on a budget. But again he lives in India so I'm not exactly sure what his budget is what is available to him.
  8. Corsair psu will take over the limit of budget.hd 7750 takes 43w at peak so it should be fine and vip 400w has 20a on +12v which is enough.
  9. thanks for replying so quickly well i want to tell u that when i visited psu wattage calculator site i got power of 270watts(i included pci 2x16 slot also) and i more thing i want to conform do i have pci 2x16 slot? And for my budget i cannot spend more than rs 7000 and so can i buy 7750 and 2gb ram within that range if not which should i buy to play above games at good settings with low power consumption? Thanks
  10. Your mobo has pci exp slot.but get new psu before putting hd 7750.
  11. so how much psu will cost? And please tell me within my range i cannot go above that
  12. Reccomended is corsair 430w at rs 2500.but hd 7750 in good local psu is fine.go and find vip 400w psu or zebronics 400w psu at around rs 500.
  13. thanks so in how much will i get hd 7750 and wat will be the total cost with 2gb ram ddr2?
  14. around rs1100
  15. 1100 or 11000 total?
  16. 2gb ram costs rs 1100.
  17. see this is your mobo -

    you can know more info about your mobo
  18. so will i get all those inrs 7000 and if dont buy a psu will hd 7750 work on my pc???? abd if nt the which one will be good????? so that it could adjust with my power and what is the use of mobo here?
  19. No card will work with your psu.can you remove your case tell us your psu info.
  20. hmmm i have gone to psu calculator site it gave me 190+ watts without my cpu code but when i click any of the cpu code like sl... one i get 308 watts
  21. can u please calculate my psu wattage??in extreme power supply calculator i got 403 watts max and min 360
  22. I have calculated your min is 210w and 280w max.
  23. but how when i calculated i got 280+ watts
  24. You have made a mistake i not worry which i suggest you corsair 430w which is more than can handle upto hd 7850 not worry.go with hd 7750 with corsair psu.
  25. ok i have visited through many sites and i saw that hd 6770 was a bit better that hd 7750....what is your opinion about that????,3135.html in this hd 5770 is there whose newer version is hd 6770.....
  26. I would sugget for hd 7750.buying newer card always card consumes less power and also much better for future. And also supports direct x suggestion would hd 7750 or if you can raise budget then hd 7770.
  27. hmmm what is hd 7770 cost??? and will it work on my pc after upgrading psu?
  28. ok leave it i will buy hd 7750....hope it works good for my pc.....well finally will i be able to play battlefield 3 and prototype 2 on high at around 30 fps considering if i upgrade my ram also from 2gb to 4gb....
  29. Hd 7750 can easily handle games at high settings upto 1368*768 res.4gb ram is must.
  30. I am also using hd 7750 and most of the games are maxout with 40fps.
  31. ok thanks but your pc in my comparison is way too good.............
  32. Best answer
    Ya your cpu is just old but you can easily overclock in future.and also update your bios.
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