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Ok here's the deal.. I am running a domain environment with server 2008 and I am trying to roll out Win7 machines. There is a proxy server on the network that I point all users to via group policy. It is a user policy nothing special. I seem to be having an issue with standard user account not applying the proxy settings. When I log into the system as a domain admin from the same OU as the group policy the proxy settings are applied as they should be. Not sure what the problem is maybe someone here can help. It's definitely related to the standard user account on Windows 7 I just don't know why or how. I've been researching this and found some info related to the WMI service. These are fresh installs and the WMI service is functioning normally without problems.
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  1. i think i remember a similar problem, im not 100% sure but i think it had to do with opening ports on the firewall that are closed by default.
    i think you may need to enable printer and file sharing too
  2. All other gpo's apply as normal. It's just the proxy portion of it that is giving me trouble. If I give use an admin acct from that OU with the same policy it works just fine. So I know the communication is there
  3. Oh and the Windows Firewall is disabled completely..
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