Pc randomly shut down. psu problem?

my friend and i were screwing around on our minecraft server, when my pc just shut down from an unknown reason. i hit the power button, and it turned on. fans, LEDs, cpu fan, the whole 9 yards still running fine (as far as i can see) but nothing ever shows up on my monitors (4) no errors, no "ASRock Extreme4" logo, nada.

is this a psu problem? or is my problem elsewhere?

sys specs:
ASRock Extreme4 990FX AM3+
AMD FX-6200 CPU 3.8ghz
16gb kingston hyperX blu ddr3
500gb Western Digital black drive
Thermaltake 850w 80+bronze psu
Ati Radeon HD 6950 2gb
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  1. Try reseating your Ram sticks and your video card.
  2. Get HW Monitor and keep an eye on temps, then reseat your RAM and GPU.
  3. i got the pc running, it seems to be okay.. haven't done anything but idle and internet on it, don't wanna stress it out.
    downloaded monitoring software, and i'm noticing that my gpu is idling at 48C with stock clocks.. idk if i'm overreacting, but this seems a little high to me. could this have been my problem?
  4. Don't know anything about your rig but 48 might not be TOO high depending on how well insulated your pc is. My pc plays games at no hotter than 60 but will idle around 35
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