Two monitors doing two different things

hi guys

i like to know if i can setup 2 monitors on my computer i got 1 hd 42" tv and a 15" lcd

what i would like to do is the following

42" tv to watch films by HMDI

15" LCD monitor to play game and internet by dvi (main screen)

but i want to do this at the same time so my kids can play there games while i can watch a films on the other 42" screen but im getting some problems with doing it and like to know if it can be done

so i get two monitor to do different things

that the mo i got a hd 5570 (i know not a good card) but im upgrading it to a hd7770 so i hope that will help

sorry if it dont sound easy to understand but not good at this

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  1. It can be done. I used to do the same, Play in the main DVI screen to game and surf the web, and the HDTV plugged with a Hdmi cable so my sister would watch movies or Cartoons.
  2. Describe the problem you get and we may be able to help you.
  3. ok but i like to know how you do it

    thanks simon
  4. Well you will have to alt+tab to switch between monitors when gaming. Other than that just hook them up to the computer and in display settings make sure the resolutions and primary/secondary are configured how you want. You won't be able to control the video and game at the same time.
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