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I have just build my new PC yesterday, running a AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0 Ghz w/ stock cooler. When the comp is idling with no load at all it says at around 7-10 celsius, but when I have skyrim maxed out with graphic mods and filtering and such, it shoots up to 50 degrees celsius, with the highest CPU usage I saw of 25%. The question is:

Is this normal, or does my cooling suck?
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  1. 7-10 Celsius at idle? Where do you keep your PC, in a refridgerater? Most are at least at room temperature, if not a little higher, at idle.
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    That is an extremely low idle temp and not a bad max temp at all.

    What are you using for cooling?
  3. I am using the stock heatsink. basically on idle the coolest ive seen it was 47 F, and 64 F when im surfing the web. but with the skyrim thing the biggest i have seen it was 137 F for a little bit then it cooled off back down to 120 F, thats about where it stays. Yeah when its idle it is as cool as the room(65-75 F), so it usually stays at 50 F at a constistant cool rate.
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