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I am looking for a Graphics Card Benchmark software that tests your graphics card and gives you a score that will not have much of a change depending on your other parts so you can compare your score to other graphics cards easier anybody know anything like this?
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  1. 3dmark11 one of the best software.and also heavens.
  2. Heavens is the best.It always gives stable scores.It uses 100 percent gpu so hardly any cpu botteneck.Also 3dmark gives large variation of scores even with FPS difference of just .30.And many people freaks
  3. I agree with what is said above. The two best choices are 3dmark11, or Unigine Heaven. I use both, but mainly use Heaven. The free version of 3dmark11 only allows you to use the performance preset, while the extreme presets are locked (you have to buy the program to unlock it). Unigine heaven is completely free, and unlike the free version of 3dmark you can stress the GPU to the max. It has many different options as far as settings go. If you apply some heavy tessellation at max settings you can really stress a card nicely.

    I recommend you try both, as they are both great benchmarks, however my preference if Unigine heaven.

    Hope this helps!
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