Palit GTX 660 Ti BF3, FarCry 3 crash unless underclock

Please help me, when I play Battlefield 3 and FarCry 3 on my Palit GTX 660 Ti Jetstream, both games crash after about 5-10 mins. and says Nvidia graphics drivers stopped unexpectedly or something like that unless I UNDERclock my GPU to ("Power Limit = 80%) and ("Core clock" = -100)

Update: my driver is up to date and I did a clean install again of the driver after driver sweeping just to be sure.
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  1. What's the temps like?
  2. PSU?
  3. wanderer11 said:
    What's the temps like?

    gonna hit the sack right now, will check tomorrow thanks anyway though
  4. rgd1101 said:

    Corsair AX850w

    Yes it's perfectly fine, worked great with my 460 before
  5. wanderer11 said:
    What's the temps like?

    I get 67c max while playing with the underclock
  6. That's high, but not dangerous. Might want to RMA it.
  7. wanderer11 said:
    That's high, but not dangerous. Might want to RMA it.

    doesnt happen even though I dont underclock when I play other games
  8. what is your core clock when gaming? maybe your card shoots for a high boost
  9. I have the EXACT same problem with this exact graphics card. When I underclock by the same amount it works, otherwise Far Cry 3, Planetside 2, TF2 and GTA 4 among other games are crashing after between 5-60 minutes. I already changed everything else in my PC when I upgraded to haswell and only took the graphics card from the old build but it has the exact same problem in the new computer. Temperatures are around 60-65°C

    Please tell me you found a solution
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