To Build or Upgrade, that is the question (and I need help!)

I built my first computer a few years back. It's getting to be around 6 years old now and starting to notice some age. I was all gun-ho about building a new computer, but then started doing my normal (several) hours of research and found my build. But, then found people saying the chip I have now is good and you may not notice a difference moving to an i5....
So, that leaves me at the question...Should I scrap her or just do some upgrades? I'll post (most) of my specs below. I'm not a hardcore gamer anymore. I do play some games occasionally; some old, some new(er). SimCity5(beta), C&C General, GTAIV, CoD. But, along with this, it's mostly used to code and run my home media server (Plex).
Whatchya'll think?

Power.Suppy: cx500
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM (4x1GB)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
OS: Windows 7 (64)

If it helps, my Windows Experience Index is 5.8.
Primary HardDisk:5.8

In addition, I quickly pieced a PC together on what I'm looking to do. Not looking to break the bank, but looking for an overall improvement (while recycling some parts from old...)

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  1. If you're only doing some light gaming, your PC is still decent.

    You could make good use of an SSD, for sure - a $99 128GB one would do nicely and give you a great general-performance speed boost. Or if you don't want to reinstall Windows and manage what programs go where, get a cache-SSD like the Crucial Adrenaline or Mushkin Enhanced Catalyst. Mine works like a charm - intelligently moves your most-used data over to the SSD for super-speed.

    You could also use a new video card. What would be your budget for a new card? For the games you're playing, a $120 Radeon HD 7770 would be great, but if you prefer Nvidia, go for the $150 GTX 650Ti.
  2. Thanks jessterman21!!!

    When I was looking to build a PC, like I said, wasn't looking to spend a ton. Was sitting right around $700 for building a new one with recycling some of my current parts (dvd/hd/psu).

    So, if I can throw a few hundred at putting some new components in, that is def an option.
    After reading the last few nights, I'm just worried that if I build an $800 box, it will be the same as the one I have now after added $200 bucks worth of new components. . . .

    Thanks again!!!
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    I would have to say a Mobo and CPU upgrade would be worthwhile aswell.
  4. Thanks GREG0RA.

    Like I mentioned, am trying to understand what my best options are, with what I have, and what I'm looking to go to (within my budget).

    If saying that if I build what I have linked to PCPartPicker will show me considerable improvement, cool! But, if saying "ah, throw $250 bucks on your current rig and it will be the same", well obviously, that may be the smarter path...

    Again, appreciate the help/info!!!!!
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