Shorter HDMI = better quality, faster response?

I heard that when recording a guitarist will use a shorter cable because the more distance the electric signal has to travel the more quality will be lost. I was just wondering if this was also true with HDMI, DVI, Minidisplay, etc.
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  1. The quick and dirty answer is Yes.. It can. But that's going to be an awfully long HDMI cable. Take a glance at this link. Specifically the "cables" section. There are a lot of different types of hdmi cables throughout the years
  2. well yeah, thats is true for analog connections but hdmi/DVI/DP are all digital so it shouldnt matter as much. Sure if the cable is miles long the signal will attenuate so much that it is unreadable..
    Thou with dual link dvi the length and quality of the cable will have an effect on the maximum bandwidth possible since the dual link standard does not state a fixed max bandwidth but it is negotiated when the connection is made, also the sender and receiver will affect the bandwidth. Thou you'll hardly ever need to use the absolute max since that would mean really high resolution or really high refresh rates (or both)...
  3. It's not quite the same as a guitarist as that is an analog signal that suffers heavy degradation over time (Hence all effect being true bypass results in a weak signal).

    You will never notice a difference in HDMI unless you have super magic eyes.
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