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I have a computer that when im playing a lot of time it suddenly shutdown and the coolers start to run at maximum, i changed the psu a few month before for a Thermaltake TR2 650w but it is still happening, my computer specs are:

Core I7 920/Sapphire Pure Black X58/Gskill 12Gb 1066Mhz/Sapphire AMD 7870 Ghz Edition

I have changed the computer motherboard, memory and video card in the past months, so i dont think it is that, maybe the processor, how can i know? or do you have any idea?

Thank you for your help, every reply is apreciated.

The computer doesnt shutdown but no image is displayed
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    It could an overheating problem. Can you run a monitoring program like CoreTemp and post what temperatures your system is getting?
  2. I searched a little in internet and i detected that a cooler was bad, it was what you said, the temps, thank you very much
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