Evga 660 ti issue

i just bought a evga 660 ti yesterday upgradeing from a 9800 gtx on my new hp. well all i get is black screen fan works etc etc. it works on friends comp but not mine. wtf is going on evga and nvidia are at a los. i just wana rape crysis plz someone help i used the 6 prong everything is correct drivers the whole shot but still black screen what is going on some one help
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  1. seriously no one can help
  2. Can you give us the rest of your PC specs?

    Next time, try to post things in an easier way to see so that people will be interested in helping you.
  3. Yeah, bad language is frowned upon here. A lot of times those HPs only have barely enough in the power supply to run the basic rig. Although the 660 shouldn't use more than your old card (probably less) at least tell us your HP model so we can help.
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