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I cant have internet on 2 routers?

i have 2 routers in my house
they are in seperate rooms
one is cable that is in my room
and the other is wireless for my brother
we both can connect to the internet
but the problem is...
whenever both routers are turned on
only one of us can access the internet
the other one can't
the internet light on the router of the one that can't connect goes off
only wlan and dsl are with a green light
can you please help me?

i am really sorry if i sound like a moron
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  1. You need to turn the DHCP service off in one and place them on the same network. Essentially, what you need to do is let your router control the network and configure his as a wireless access point. To do that set it up like this (you can use any internal network you want, but this is the pattern using one example): set your router to be the gateway IP for all computers as, set his wireless as, turn off his DHCP service, in your router DHCP allow it to use an assignment range of to .254. If your router also has wireless, set both routers to use the same SSID, but different radio channels, or else if you don't use wireless turn off the wireless radio in your router (if it has wireless capability). Attach an LAN port of your router to an LAN port of his router with CAT 5e cable and you should be all set.
  2. tnx for replying so fast

    but our computers are really far away,and we can't connect our routers' lan ports with a cable

    and i'm not quite sure if by "network" you mean that we will share speed?
    like for example if i download some torrent,will he get slower speeds then?will he lag?
    "You need to turn the DHCP service off in one and place them on the same network"

    i already put a static IP adress and a special DNS server for my router on my computer

    he has his own stuff,probably DHCP,and his router is wireless

    can i turn his DHCP service off by just giving him a static IP adress?
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    So if you cannot have a cable between you, how are you connected to him now?

    If you only have one Internet service provider, you can only use one cable (or dsl) modem -- you cannot use two to get service from the ISP for each of you, you need to share the Internet service through your local (wired or wireless) network. One LAN can only have one DHCP service or you will get conflicts.
  4. so i can't have 2 routers 2 computers in 2 seperated rooms with 2 seperated internet speeds, lantencies and privacy?
    so it's not me?it's my ISP?
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  6. Not unless you get two separate internet services installed by your provider with two distinct external network IP addresses. Many ISPs will not do this, and of course those that do charge additional, often a full fee for each.

    There are easy ways to share one connection, but the best method is if you can lay a cable between you. With a cable you could even each have your own distinct internal network since you have two routers already. Look at this:
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