New Asus GTX 650 DCT doesnt show display

Yesterday i bought a new graphic card and i was so exited to get it, then when i got it it didnt show any display... I went to a PC shop and they said it could be from my motherboard not being compatible with the graphic card, but i think it could be my power supply that is not powerfull enough for it...

Graphic card:


My power supply its a bit old, it have like 5 years and it doesnt have the PCI express power cable, but at the shop they tested the graphic card and it was working with a power supply that had 360w and my power supply have 460w...

I dont really know what to do, is it my power supply too old and weak or my motherbord is not compatible?

Help me plz <.<

Thx for your attention
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  1. You have to have the PCIe Power Cable on your PSU for this graphics card to work. Also, your MB only has PCIe 1.1 and this GPU is looking for PCIe 3.0 so although it will work, it will only work at 1/4th of it's potential.
  2. I want to upgrade my motherboard later, i dont have money at the moment.

    I used a 6 pin PCI-E cable conector like this:

    It still did not work with the cable, but it worked when they tested it at the shop with the same cable...
  3. It is probably your MB then. It is either not providing enough voltage through PCIe connector, or it is just not supported.
  4. Update to latest bios from foxconn website
  5. ASHISH65 said:
    Update to latest bios from foxconn website

    Im going to try that :x
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