Acer Aspire one 725-0899 Lagging

Hello, as the tittle says i have an Acer, I just recently downloaded a movie off of iTunes in HD and as i was playing it the audio would run along smoothly, sometimes, and the motion pictures would either stop, skip, or it just wouldn't work at all. What can I do to fix this??
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  1. Your laptop's integrated Radeon HD 6290 cannot handle HD playback.
    You could try lowering your monitor's resolution.
  2. Enable hardware acceleration for your video card. Itunes will not work very well for your low processor speed using VLC or Windows Meida Player.
  3. Activa la aceleración por hardware de tu tarjeta de video. Itunes no va a trabajar muy bien por tu baja velocidad de procesador utiliza VLC o Windows Meida Player.
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