What kind of bottle neck with Dell Inspiron 530 (q6600) and HD 5850

I have an old Dell Inspirion 530 machine (Q6600 core2quad, 3gb ram, pci-e 1.0 port) that I want to throw a sapphire HD 5850 into. I understand the HD 5850 is a pci-e 2.0 card. I will be upgrading the stock power supply to a Corsair CX-430 (430w 80+ supply).

Should I expect huge bottle necks running the card in a pci-e 1.0 port instead of the usual 2.0 port? Will it run only at half speed? Should I expect very bad gaming performance?

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  1. Its going to bottleneck max 10-15%. Probably more like 5%.
  2. Awesome thanks!
  3. Also, would I see significant improvement in performance if I upgraded the system RAM from 3gb to 4gb? It uses DDR2 PC2-6400 or DDR2 PC2-5300 (non-ECC) and can take a max of 4gb.
  4. Probably very little.
  5. If you are running a 32 bit operating system you would be wasting money going to 4 GB.
  6. I am currently running win 7 64bit, hoping to go to win 8 64 bit soon
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