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Screen goes black when GPU is in.

My just build rig, it only goes on without the GPU plugged in. With it it would give a black screen.


AsRock z77 pro-4m MOBO
i5 2500k
GTx 650 Ti
2x4Gigs of ram.
550 watt PSU (i think the problem is this doesnt give enough power.)

So, i've installed windows, can do anything. Thats why i think it doesnt just give enough power to the GPU, and yes. I tried different slots AND different GPU.

Thanks already for looking at it. I just don't want to waste more money until im sure what's the problem.
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    500W is more than enough... unless you have a real cheapie PSU. Is the card seated completely and the PCIe pwr cable plugged in, and did you remember to move the monitor's cable from on-board to the card? Check the PCIe pwr cable that there is 12v between the yel and blk wires.
  2. Hello! I would like to know wether you solved your problem or not, for I have a similar issue and I did not find a solution yet.


  3. What is the make and model of you folks' PSU? Let's be sure the PSU is adequate first.
  4. It's fixed, it was just a cable connected wrongly, @quesito, connected your VGA/DVI/HDMI to your GPU instead of the mobo's built in one?
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