GTX 560 TI (OEM) to support 3 monitors?

I have this card which came with my Gateway FX series desktop with below configuration:
Gateway FX6860-EF10P Gaming PC (Intel Core i7-2600 / 2TB HDD / 16GB RAM/ 120GB SDD)

Now the thing is I don't actually play that much games in it mostly for my work and I need a 3rd monitor to connect with it. After reading the posts on it here I think its not possible to have a 3rd monitor with the card. Correct me if I am wrong.

My usage is mostly non graphical stuff or you can say typical system admin stuf like remote logging in lots of machines, reading documents on other screen, chat/watch videos, run 3/4 of VMs at a time, etc. No games.

Right now, I have two Dell 24inch connected to 2 DVI ports from the card. Also have a 3rd monitor from dell 23inch connected using DP (not working though :) ) .

Now need your suggestion (cheapest) to make 3 monitors work.

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  1. you say the gtx 560 ti is oem, but it probably has a brand, unless it is a reference card. More info on that might help. You can always switch to amd cards. Their eyefinity is better.

    This is the card I have from Geforce, if thats what you are asking about. I have no idea what OEM is though. But there is difference between 560 Ti and 560Ti OEM as later one has DP.
  3. The OEM card has 352 cores whilst the consumer version has 384 and the LE has 448. None of them can run three monitors though.
  4. my current card can't support it that point I got already.

    My question is how to get my third monitor working in cheapest way? should I buy another 560 Ti or I can just buy a cheap one and connect my third monitor with it?

    Lets say if I but another 560 Ti then my machine will support 4 monitors right?
  5. If you just want a third monitor then yes, a cheap card is your best bet.
  6. and I hope I dont need to worry about the power supply since I am not playing any games, right?
  7. Well, you do. Though, a card like GT 610 will not sure not than 20 watts of power.
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