HD 7770 crossfire ??? need advice :)

Hey people need advice on if i should crossfire my hd 7770 ????
what performance would get in games like BF3 ?
i know i ahve to upgrade my power supply ,

mother board X58M
i7 3.2 ghz
6gb ddr3
450 watt psu
and one xfx 7770 amd
i just spoke with amd tech support they said to get a better card like the 7950 instead of crossfiring the 7770 would result in better performance ,
what dop u guyz think!!??? :)
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  1. Using a higher end card than crossfiring 2 low end cards is always better. It'll use less power, less heat, and less noise and crossfire doesn't necessarily scale well in some games. Go with what AMD suggested (7870, 7950) and get a better psu in the meantime. Something like XFX550 PRO or Corsair TX550M should be enough for a single 7950 (if you plan on getting one)
  2. I'm in pretty much the same boat, and will go the cheaper crossfired 7770 route vs a high end $300+ card option. This article was helpful in seeing what sorta #'s we'd contend with:

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