How can i make my fan control work?

Hi Guys,

I just builded my new first pc and he works almost perfect. I have an Xpredator x1 case with the two standard fans in the front and back and i added 3 more on the side and top. The thing is, they blow at full speed. I know i can controll them with a program like speedfan, but i would like to control them with speed fan controller along the top of my case. Does anyone know which wires i have to connect with eachother to make it work?

My mobo is the AsRock Z77 ex 4.

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  1. the fans will have to plug in to the speed controller

    and there will be a power connector from the power supply to feed them current
  2. the fans only have an 3 pin female plug, while the speed controller has an molex connector. how do i connect them with eachother?
  3. get a molex to 3 pin adapter cable

    but you can probably just adjust fan speed from BIOS if they are plugged into the mb headers
  4. found it! thx for the help!
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