Pentium G630 Paired with EVGA GTX 650?

My custom PC is almost complete, and I wanted to consult the experts on whether the Pentium would bottleneck the overall performance of my PC. I plan on gaming with this particular build, probably Black Ops 2, FC3, Skyrim, and some other, older, games. The GPU is the 1Gb GDDR5 version of the EVGA GTX 650. I'm using a 460W Cooler Master PSU, if that helps. Thanks in advance!
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  1. what pentium?
  2. G630. In title.
  3. what resolution is your monitor?
  4. Max resolution is 1440x900, so that's the resolution I'll be at.
  5. I could keep asking you relevant questions , like what games you play , your operating system , how much RAM
    but it would take too long

    just build it , and once its running over clock the cpu a little and see if it makes any difference
  6. Just wondering if the Pentium would bottleneck it at all. Games are in my original post.
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