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When does the AMD never settle Reloaded end? I plan on buying but thats based on wether or not This is ending tomorrow or the next day.
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  1. for 20 bucks more, you get 20% more performance

    the bundle has been out for a while. no one knows when it will end
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    I would try to grab a 7870 tahiti le like these ones :

    Best bang for the buck cards right now.

    About the period of the promotion it says :
    "Promotion Period: Promotion Period begins February 4, 2013 and ends on December 31, 2013. Eligible AMD
    Product must be purchased during Promotion Period. Key Codes must be used to obtain Free Game downloads by
    January 31, 2014, after which the Key Codes are void."
  3. I messaged a Newegg person yesterday and they said it ends 3/31/13. Im going to buy parts monday finally after it being 3 4 only 14 so it takes me a while to earn money
  4. The Never Settle: Reloaded deal will run until they run out of codes, and considering that their open to be claimed until January next year, they will have a lot of them.

    If for some reason you dont get one, check out the Deals forum. Bunch of guys selling theirs, the asking price seems to be roughly $60 for the Crysis3/Bioshock bundle.
  5. Alright thanks.
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