How well will skyrim run on my pc?

This is my setup

Memory: 8192mb of Ram Direct x 11

Processor: Intel i5-3570k CPU @ 3.40 ghz (4 CPUs), ~3.4GHz

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)

Video Card: AMD Diamond Radeon HD 7850 2gb

My monitor is 1980x1020

Any help from a pro?
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  1. Pretty darn good! This review has close to your system specs and shows skyrim:,3318-4.html
  2. Agreed pretty well I would say. Obviously with mods you will be a little short on memory however for moderate modding I would say you would be just fine. And AMD cards historically have performed better with Skyrim.
  3. I'm not gonna use mods :P, so basically it'll stay capped at max settings or near it? Because I know on xbox 360, the fps limit is 30.
  4. Well you should exceed the 30 FPS limit most certainly. I would say you will have ease getting there. This is from a year ago drivers have updated since then and the performance I'm sure have increased.
  5. Oooooooh 60ish fps, I like that. I'm probably gonna put Skyrim on my 1000mb hard drive because WoW is already installed on my SSD. I Just want it to run better than the xbox, cause that system gets rather lame. That's also with Direct X 9 o:
  6. Yeah you should be maxing it out at 60fps no problem. I do fine on maxed settings excluding aa/af and view distance @ somewhere hovering around 50fps.

    With a that texturepack combiner mod (using the "lite" versions of the mods) I am around 30fps, I do need to turn down some settings like view distance, I think I have it set to 12. Been a while since I played so.

    Heres my specs (your cpu is vastly superior)
    Athlon 2 x3
    6870 1gb
    4gb ddr2
    etc, etc, etc.
  7. Yea welcome to PC gaming man put your legacy console away. XBOX 360 is 8 years old man :P Yea World of Warcraft will do quite well with a SSD more snappy performance most assuredly. And yea Skyrim should be just fine on your Terabyte hard drive.
  8. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it :)
  9. without modding you'll be running skyrim at max or near max with no problems.

    with modding... well, you'd have to be really pushing it, but I did manage to almost break my 7970 with a heavily modded skyrim recently :P (P.S. I did it just to see if it's possible, a lot of the extra shading, textures etc honestly doens't make a big difference)
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