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GTX 670 overclocking

Hey guys,

Just picked up a GTX 670 DirectCU II from my local computer shop and I installed it with the latest drivers. Now, I'm a bit confused because in GPU Tweak, it shows me a boost clock slider but no core clock slider. So here's my question, how do I increase the actual core clock of the card? Or, is the boost clock somehow the core clock, I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused.

Thank you
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  1. The boost clock is basically the same as changing the core clock. If your card say boosts up to 1100 right now (which it will do every time it is under heavy load) if you change your boost clock offset to +100, it will now boost up to 1200 every time it is under heavy load.
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    The base clock on these cards is pretty meaningless... If the card is not under very much load they can drop down to a clock speed of around 354Mhz and depending on the load will run anywhere from 354Mhz to 1200Mhz (assuming you have your boost offset enough to get the 1200Mhz). You will rarely if ever see your card running at "core clock" speeds.
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