Another "no signal"/"PC powers off abruptly" thread.

Hi. Let me give you a rundown of the past 2 days in PC time.

- My PC's CPU fan starts making annoying noises. It was already doing that kind of, but it would shut up if you left it running for more than 5 minutes. Now it was doing it all the time.
- I open up the PC to see if something is loose or something. Nothing was. I take out the CPU fan and clean it and the CPU, as they're quite dusty, and put it back in. I find that I just need a new fan. The current one is still working, it's just super loud.
- I resume my business on the computer throughout the day, until at some point it abruptly powers off. Upon turning it back on, I get no signal to monitor.
- I leave it be for a day and power it back on, to the same result.
- I open up the PC again, reseat the RAM, close it up, and power it back on. It works again.
- ...but it abruptly powers off 5-10 minutes later. However, it boots back up again with no issue.
- I leave it running for two hours unattended. I get back to see it hasn't powered off. I continue to use the computer, keeping an eye on the temperature of its components. Nothing goes over 40 C.
- The computer evidently abruptly powers off again while I am away. I cannot get signal to monitor once again.
- I reseat the RAM once more. This time, I continue to get no signal to monitor.

I'm about to give up on this thing. It's not overheating, reseating the RAM worked once but now it isn't. I don't know why this is happening.
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  1. Things like this usually turn out to be motherboard problems.
  2. That's what I was hoping not to hear :(
  3. Can you try some other ram? What are the full system specs?
  4. smeezekitty said:
    Can you try some other ram? What are the full system specs?

    I'm afraid I cannot. I have two sticks though. I don't know enough about RAM to know if removing one faulty one out of two would 'fix' the working one, if that were the case (though it would halve my memory...)

    Also, I'd like to avoid meddling with RAM too much anyway as my mobo seems to require an excessive amount of force to seat the RAM, hurts my thumbs -_- (I know I oriented the RAM correctly, though).

    As for build, have a screenshot.
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