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HEAT CONCERN about dual 680Ms SLI in lappy. Should I be??

Hey, guys.

I am looking into buying Sager P3750 with DUAL 680Ms SLI, but I am hearing people say the heat emitted is WAAAAAAAAAAY too high and damage to the lappy will come promptly. Sure it is great at first, but in the long run, will it bite me in the as*???

How long will a lappy with SLI 680Ms last if AT LEAST 4 hours of hardcore gameplay occurs daily?

Should I just get 670MXs SLI? That'll max sh*t out, too, right?
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  1. Well with any laptop that would run hot I would get a decent cooler to stick underneath the laptop to try and push away some of that heat. Sager aren't the only ones that make gaming laptops so you may want to look around and find something that gets a bit more reliable reviews in terms of heat.
  2. The P3750 and Mx18 are the only ones that provide SLI/Crossfire. :(
  3. And the Sager annihilates Alienware in terms of heat control...
  4. As that may be you may be better off going with a single card solution within a laptop. SLi/CF doesn't necessarily ensure you will have awesome performance.
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