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How does the gtx 650 perform in games like call of duty

is the 650 a good enough for maxing out call of duty black ops 2 at over 35 fps
and in other games like world warcraft
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  1. At what resolution?
  2. Maxing out games is a tall order to ask of for a non ti 650 I would suspect you would be able to play it but surely not a max. Also yes what is your resolution.
  3. i have a 1680x1050 and might use it on tv or another monitor and the tv is 1080 HD
  4. can the ti version max it out? and if not what amd can??
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    You will get higher frames on the lower resolution screen as I'm sure you are aware. I'd take a look at this benchmark keep in mind here that the Ti is considerably superior to the 650 non ti. Also keep in mind that both NVIDIA and AMD have had driver updates since this review.
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