Anyone Tried RetroUI to Restore Windows 7 Desktop?

I read about RetoUI on Forbes -- has anyone tried it out?

Does it restore full Windows 7 desktop functionality, such as "recent documents," ability to boot into desktop, shut down/hibernate from desktop, completely avoid the Metro UI if so desired?

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  1. Use ClassicShell. Works great for me.
  2. Classic shell is great and its free. Try that one.
  3. trying retroui now

    seems to work really well

    yes it can do what you asked

    try it yourself its got a 7 day free trial

    though their website seems to be down at the moment
  4. Finally got my PC upgraded to Windows 8 after I saw your question about RetroUI and after a bunch of recommendations from our support desk. So then I gave RetroUI a shot - definitely helped the move to Windows 8. I had only used Windows 8 at work, but now I can actually move my parents to Windows 8 (I downgraded their new one back to Windows 7). Retro UI is worth the $5 because it isn't just a start menu like Classic Shell. I've never been one to balk at something that costs less than a pack of smokes, and have always been leery of free software. At least with RetroUI I seem to get support from a real company. If you follow the rabbit hole down, the parent company (Thinix) of the parent company (R&D Industries) has been in business for like 30 years. I'd pay $5 for the features alone - you can't really compare classic shell to RetroUI on feature set unless you ignore everything else RetroUI does - it's like comparing an iPad to Gen 1 Kindle. Would you rather pay for a tablet, or get a Gen 1 Kindle for free?
  5. Yah I am using RetroUI also. They actually just did a review and it was ranked #1 start menu app for windows 8
  6. I've used RetroUI on Win8, Win8.1, and Win10 (using the Win8.1 version) and it works great. Their website doesn't mention Win10 compatibility, but it runs like a champ.
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