Need a computer for graphic design... is this a good system?

I currently have an HP-P7 1003w with an AMD Athlon II 650 Processor 3.2 GHz with 8GB of memory, 64 bit operating system. Running on an ATI Radeon 4200 Graphics Card, with 3063 MB of memory.

I use Serif Drawplus for graphic design and need to have several files opne at once with several images/layers, as well as the internet browser open. I find my drawing program crashes again and again and I get warning about low memory constantly.

I need to get a computer that will meet my needs (within $700 range) without the constant crashing, low memory, etc. I prefer a desktop.

I went to Bestbuy and the rep suggested the HP H8-1534 with AMD 6 Core FX Processor for $699.

When comparing it to mine, she said it has 6 core, I have 2; it runs at 7600 rpms, I run at 4400 rpms.

This is a link (I believe) to the computer she recommended:

This is a link to the one I have:

Is the computer she's recommending overkill? Is there a way to make my system work or is the processor just too slow for graphic design?

Can you recommend anything else for less than $700?

Thanks is advance.
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  1. Really? No one can help???
  2. Well building your own can keep costs lower. And the biggest thing you need for graphic design is a good video card, but a good CPU helps.
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