Help my computer freezes beeps twice and shows a black screen why

help i have a comp that runs freezes everything screen fades beeps a couple of times and than that black screens and seems to run very slow i have 4gb amd athlon(tm) 11x2 240 dual process 2.81 ghz 64 bit operating systen on win7 premium dont know why this suddenly started happening and sometimes wont switch on /off whats wrong please HELP im student n need to do my college stuff for my exams ty
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  1. Are you saying its beeping when you try to start it up? Pay attention to how many beeps it gives you and whether they are long or short. If you know your BIOS the beep codes should give you an idea of what's wrong.
  2. Computer only beeps for several reasons usually the main ones are:
    1) forgot 2 beeps or 3 is bad ram
    2) You've overclocked and post failed
    3) no keyboard, mouse, or monitor detected

    Look up the beep codes for your bios/motherboard.
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