Reinstall-Old Files Remain

I reinstalled windows 7 a few days ago after picking up a virus cruising the internet

I guess I did not repartition the drive because my C drive is about half full although I have only installed 2 games and some small but important programs (pdf readers, internet browser, avg, etc).

I did the disk cleanup to remove old files but I dont know if Windows.old was removed or not since There are only 223 GB free on a 465GB drive.

I also noticed that all the old program files were still in a Program Files x86 file but it has now disappeared as well.

The other problem I have had is that my Users file has disappeared from C. I can access it by using the address bar and then hit properties, and either click or unclick show hidden and they reappear (did this for downloads) but I dont want to have to do that for every file and folder that has gone missing.

I have attached a screenshot of what my C drive currently looks like as there are also a number of strange folders and files that have appeared since I messed around with show/hide hidden folders in an attempt to access my App Data folders.

Thanks...hopefully my info was somewhat clear, otherwise please post w questions as well.

ps to give a better understanding to the extent of what has gone missing, I went to find paint after taking a screenshot and it seems even the accessories folder is not in my start menu along with any other "stock" folders. The only oens there are the programs I installed since reinstalling windows 7.
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  1. You can unhide files in Windows Explorer.
    In Windows Explorer, click on "Tools" then on "Folder options"
    Then on "View".

    There are 3 or 4 boxes that need to be changed to unhide files and extentions.
  2. It sounds like you did an upgrade installation ontop of your existing operating system.
  3. Suppose so...I might have to just reinstall and remember to repartition the drives to clear everything this time.
    Last reinstall i had to do was when 7 came out so I suppose I forgot some steps. I think that may be the easiest way to delete everything and get my settings back
  4. Yes, if you had a virus, it is best to delete the partitions (keep the recovery partition if you still need it, if not, you can delete it) anyhow and start from scratch.
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