How do you increase your dedicated video ram?

I am wondering how i can increase my dedicated video ram without paying money for a graphics card because im broke... im trying to play FarCry3 on my computer on steam and it says it needs 512 MB while i only have 128MB. I am currently running a intel(r) core (TM) i5 2430M CPU @ 2.40 GHz. Help would be appreicated
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  1. depend on the mb/laptop bios. there be a setting for onboard video ram. most times it 128/256/512 for the max settings.
  2. don't think your going to be able to play farcry 3 on it mate.
  3. so there anything i CAN do to increase it to have good graphics :o any steps?
  4. So i just need a good graphics card and thats it? Nuuuu i need muuuunyyy.. whats the best store to buy graphics cards from?
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